Monday, 24 March 2014

Darker Times

Guess who has a Flash Fiction piece in this new book 'Darker Times Collection Volume Two'... yes, little old me :) Some fantastic pieces in this collection, well worth a gander...

Book Description

17 Mar 2014 Darker Times Collection
The terrifying tales in this volume are the results of monthly writing competitions that are run by Darker Times Fiction at Each month, there is a winner, three or more runners up, and the opportunity for some honourable mentions. So, what can you expect from this collection? The aim of the competition is to write about the theme of 'darker times'. This can be interpreted in any way the author sees fit, and this is where it gets interesting. This is where we delve deep into the minds of our writers, where we see what secrets they've been harbouring, where we come to the main question that this volume is based on: what scares us the most? Given the opportunity to explore the subject of 'darker times', what did our authors decide to write about? What would you write about? The poems and pieces of flash fiction here range from the plain gruesome to the psychologically sinister, black comedy to gritty drama, the playfully spooky to the downright disturbing. The winning pieces were picked for their style, their technique, their originality, or their ability to invoke something 'dark' within the reader: fear, despair, doubt, regret, loneliness, pain. These aren't just stories that will have you wondering what's lurking under your bed or hiding in your closet; they'll have you looking into your own life, peering into your past, glancing at your own personal ghosts. When you start delving into the darker times, it's hard to get back to the light. So take this as an introduction and a warning. If you'd rather avoid the gloom and doom of our writers' darkest thoughts, then you'd better put this book down now. If, however, you dare to read the following tales and risk opening the door to your own personal darker times, then read on, please, read on...

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Wombourne Writers: March Homework!

Wombourne Writers: March Homework!: Write either a Ghost story up to 1500 words, or a short story featuring the line: 'Was that a badger I just hit?' up to a maximum of...

Saturday, 8 March 2014


This month's homework at my writing group, Wombourne Writers was poetry. I have had some poems published over the years but it's been a while since I last wrote anything but fiction so I found it quite a challenge to put my poetry cap back on :) Here's the end result...

Bird of Prey

Silent vigil,
Upon the fence,
No time for flight
Or common sense.
Bird song
Now hushed.
It bides it’s time,
No need to rush,
It knows we fear
What will come.
I fear I am
Now undone
For under it’s
Watchful gaze,
Our lives already
Have slipped away.
Spiteful beak,
I watch with awe.
It readies now
A talloned claw.
Caught, trapped,
I’m mesmerised,
Looking deep into
It’s yellow eyes.
Bright, yet cruel
Sight so keen,
Within those orbs
My last moments seen.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

womagwriter's blog: Call for submissions

womagwriter's blog: Call for submissions: Pulse Romance are putting together a couple of anthologies of short stories and are open to submissions. Details below. Call for Submiss...